Maker develops a suite of products that enhance e-commerce sites, driving increased customer engagement and conversion. Maker’s offering spreads a gamut of different products, a page builder, link in bio, and live video sales.

Upstash Redis as the primary database for critical data ingestion and distribution tasks

Maker mainly uses lambda functions and Redis from Upstash in their tech setup. They rely heavily on Redis as their primary database throughout their data ingestion and distribution pipeline for merchant product catalogs. At Upstash, we're happy to support them and keep their services running smoothly

Before discovering Upstash, Maker had a mixed setup where they primarily used Redis for caching, alongside a main datastore like PSQL. But with Upstash's capability to exceed the resident memory limits of machines, they found new opportunities. This allowed them to read from and write directly to Redis, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Due to these features, Maker has increasingly depended on Upstash's Redis, experiencing enhanced performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Upstash Redis helped Maker to combine Primary Database and Caching Needs

With Upstash, Maker can utilize a fast low-latency database directly, removing the previous need to treat Redis solely as a caching solution. This approach reduces complexities associated with cache invalidation and allows Maker to utilize the advanced capabilities of Redis directly. Whether it's basic CRUD operations or full featured faceted product filtering, Maker uses Redis from start to finish, relying on Upstash with the management of their instances.

Emery Denuccio

The ability to exceed the resident memory of the machine that Upstash has built opens up more possibilities, and allows reading and writing directly to Redis and skipping the middle-man

Emery Denuccio, Software Engineer